designPH is a plugin for the SketchUp software and is used together with PHPP to provide an interactive and graphically oriented input interface.

The plugin provides an automatic analysis algorithm which can infer element types. Surfaces are given a colour-code so that it is possible to visually verify in the 3D model that all the heat-loss surfaces have been correctly taken into account.

After importing a model to PHPP, the primary inputs on the Areas, Windows, and Shading sheets will be mostly complete. This enables a result for specific space heat demand to be calculated quickly using default values, potentially saving significant time.

designPH also provides a preliminary simplified energy balance when the analysis process runs. This allows you to refine the design before exporting, facilitating a more effective iterative design process, and rule out poorly performing design options early on.

* When you order designPH please make sure you have your PHPP registration number to hand (it will be printed on your PHPP disc and user guide) and email it to [email protected]. We need this number to register your new designPH software. If you’re ordering PHPP and designPH together, we will provide your registration number.

Design PH