CanPHI West offers a variety of Passive House courses during the year, and when and where we see demand. The courses include the 5 day Certified Passive House Designer course, one day introductory course, PHPP and designPH training, and a Thermal Bridging Calculations course. Courses can be arrange for delivery upon request. If you have specific course questions please get in touch.

Who are the courses for?

Our Passive House training courses are aimed at building professionals and planners, including architects, engineers, builders, designers and tradespersons who wish to dramatically improve the energy and environmental performance of their new-build or renovation projects.

There are no set pre-requisites for enrollment, but if you’re concerned that your background or qualifications are not sufficient please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your situation.

Can I get support on my Passive House project after my course?

CanPHI West does not offer consulting services, but can connect you with professionals in your area. During the course you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get to know the other participants, and to network. Passive House project collaborations are already underway across Canada between our previous course participants.

What will I need to bring?

You’ll need a laptop computer with a 2004 or later version of MS Excel/Open Office in order to run the PHPP design software, which is required for parts of the courses and for all Passive House design.  Before the course we ask that you familiarize yourself with the basic layout and functioning of the software, and that you take a look at the accompanying handbook, which provides much necessary detail on Passive House design.

How do I become a Certified Passive House Designer?

The aim of Certified Passive House Designer course is to teach you how to build compliant Passive House buildings in Canada. There are two different routes to achieving the International professional designation ‘Certified Passive House Designer’. These are either:

1. Pass the 3-hour formal exam set four times annually by the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) in Germany, and which CanPHI offers  OR

2. Act as the Passive House designer on a house or other building which achieves the energy performance and other requirements to be approved as a Certified Passive House.